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10 Biggest Online Roulette wins and simple techniques the gamblers use

10 Biggest Online Roulette Winnings

Traditionally, roulette is a game of chance in which each player, sitting around a gaming table, bet on one or more numbers, a color, height or parity of the number he hopes to be drawn. The numbering is carried out by means of a ball placed in a rotating circular container and provided with notches having numbers of different colors. This game is mostly played in casinos. But today online roulette is also available, allowing gamblers to play 24/7 at the comfort of their home.

Since its creation, online roulette has enjoyed unparalleled success. Although playing roulette online results in huge losses, there are gamblers who have managed to earn huge sums, more than one million dollars, in one game. In this list we propose you the best roulette winners who have amassed a fortune.

Although the title says Online Roulette, the list also includes people who play offline in traditional casino.

Discover the 10 top Online Roulette Winners


  1. Sean Connery

Sean ConnerySean Connery was just a plain lucky guy who got to place bets on the number 17 and won three times in a row. Although he won three times in a row on the number 17, Sean Connery didn’t place only those two bets. It is said that he lost on the first two betting on the same number but due to his persistence, he finally won on the following three a sum of over £10,000, roughly £163,000 in today’s market (212 455.015 U.S. dollars). If you remember an old principle familiar with traders, follow the trend.


  1. Joseph Jagger

Online roulette This is another man who is known to have broken the bank at Monte Carlo. Joseph Jagger was a British Engineer who won big on the roulette wheel way before all of the above mentioned achieved their feats. If we were in modern times using an online roulette wheel, someone would have accused Joseph Jagger of messing around with the code but what Jagger showed was just pure greatness and luck. In 1873, Joseph Jagger visited Monte Carlo and won around 65 000 pound on the roulette wheel. Calculated for inflation in today’s time, Joseph Jagger added 3 million pounds to his net worth in a single night.


  1. Chris Boyd

Online roulette I don’t know whether it was chance or just pure luck but because of the 7 red, 40 year old Chris Boyd took home $200 000 in a single night by having his ball land in very same red pocket. And guess what, all this happened in a single spin of the wheel. Before Boyd got his opportunity at the wheel, most casino’s, including online casinos where rejecting his bet until he got to the Horseshoe club who finally agreed to give Boyd an extra $200 000.


  1. Ashley Revell

Online roulette Ashley Revell’s win is said to be one of the best online roulette wins of all time. In 2004, Revell risked all his life savings of US$135,300 on a single spin of a roulette wheel in the Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.  His risk paid off, he took back massive unexpected returns of $270,600; this is the double of his money. It started In April 2004 when the 32 year old from Kent sold everything he owned and travelled to Vegas to place it only a single bet. On placing the bet, Kent went for red on the number 7. Ashley used that to open Poker UTD, an online poker company, which unfortunately went out of business in 2012.


  1. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Online roulette Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo has a brilliant career as an actor, producer in the music industry and radio host, but he is also one of the greatest roulette players of all time.

In the 1990s he developed a wagering method that allowed him to take advantage of the casino and win millions of Euros. Aided by his family, he set up a method that consisted of gathering as much information as possible at roulette tables in different land-based casinos. He then developed a computer program to sort out the numbers that came out most often and spot the biased wheels. He managed to make a fortune in playing roulette. In one day only he won 600,000 € (about 697,890.00 US Dollar). Although he was excluded from the Madrid casino where he won that huge sum of money, Gonzalo was never convicted of cheating.


  1. Charles Deville Wells

Online roulette Considering many winnings and Losses, no doubt the biggest online roulette win would have been taken by Charles Deville Wells. This guy won a Million francs in 1891, which is equal about $1 047 230, on the big wheel. This is so far the biggest winner ever in this game. No wonder why Charles Deville Wells is referred to as the guy who broke the bank in Monte Carlo.


  1. Mike Ashley

Online roulette Mike Ashley is an English billionaire and to those of you who are familiar with English Football, you will recognize him as the owner of the English football club, Newcastle United. In one particular day, Ashley placed a bet on a 17 red on the big wheel. His bet was worth around a million pounds. He ended up taking home over 1.2 million pounds from his win.



  1. Pedro Grendene

Online roulette This is the latest roulette winnings in the list. In January of this year, 2017, a Brazilian tourist bets $ 100,000 and won $3.5 million.

The story took place in the casino of the Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino in Uruguay.  Taking advantage of the holiday season, Pedro Grendene and his friends visit gambling section of the hotel where they reside. After several relatively successful bets, Grendene decides to bet a big sum on a single number at a Roulette table, tempting everything for the whole. Supported by his friends, he then deposited $ 100,000 on the 32 Red. The croupier takes note of the bet, blocks the bets and turns the ball which, after a few laps stops on … the 32!

Pedro Grendene made $ 3.5 million in earnings!

By betting on a “full number” at the roulette, Pedro Grundene and his pals won 35 times their bet. This corresponds to the amazing $ 3.5 million. A big bonus that the players have welcomed with great joy. However, if this exceptional gain is well worth to be praised, it is not easy for common gamblers to afford taking that risk. The winner, Pedro Grendene, has indeed been able to afford such risk-taking only through his small personal fortune. The young man is none other than the son of the current president of Vulcabras-Azaleia, a Brazilian footwear company, being the third largest in domestic market and in Latin America. The company is estimated at more than 2 billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine.


  1. Philip Green

Online roulette This Billionaire owner of the fashion company, the Arcadia group, is known for his crazy habit of just popping into a casino and placing crazy backs before proceeding with his daily activities.  During the festive season back in 2012, Sir Philip Green won over £3 million (3.910215 million U.S. dollars) on the roulette wheel. Although this win seems pretty impressive, this billionaire mogul has lost more money on the wheel as compared to what he has won. The win just helped reduce his loss gap.


  1. Pawel Piskorski

Online roulette In 1992, politician Pawel Piskorski won 4,950,000,000 zloty (monetary unit of Poland) playing roulette. This sum is equal more than 1 billion dollars, about 1,367,951,260.5 USD. When questioned about his massive winning, he explained that his earnings were the result of his high incomes which allows him to bet. But at that time, it was impossible to win so much since the maximum bet was 1,000,000 zloty. This means that Pawel would have to win 188 times by systematically placing the maximum bet on the table.

Very popular in casinos all over the world, roulette, including online roulette, is one of the great classic games in gambling establishments. Based entirely on chance, it offers the possibility of winning very large sums if you put it on the right number, which is very difficult. The most relevant is the “full number”. More risky than all the others (the player put everything on the release of a single specific number), it offers in return, the most important payment: 35 against 1 for European Roulette, and 36 against 1 for American Roulette.

Different types of roulette and the chances to win

Today there are different types of roulette: European roulette, having a cylinder with 37 numbers, identical face value chips for all players who are admitted in unlimited number; English roulette, which is identical to French roulette, but is exploited differently with limited number of players; American roulette, which differs from the other two by its cylinder whose numbers are distributed differently and which has an additional number (double zero); and the Mexican roulette, which is the replica of American roulette, but with a triple 0 in addition.

The payout reports of the winning odds being the same for these 3 games, it is obvious that Mexican roulette is the most unfavorable roulette for the player. When playing on the internet make sure what type of online roulette you are playing.


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