Giant 15-meter-long sea creature found on An Indonesian Island

The Carcass of  Giant 15-meter-long sea creature found on an Indonesian Island

Biggest and Most Mysterious Creatures Ever Caught on Tape

A huge 15-meter-long mysterious sea creature found on an island in the Dead Sea in Indonesia, and so far no one seems to be sure of the species to which it belongs. A man filmed the discovery and posted the images on Youtube. In less than a week, it has accumulated more than 4 million views

Please click here to watch the raw footage of the video.Mystery solved: 'Sea creature' in Indonesia revealed to be Baleen whale -  National |

Given the advanced state of decomposition and the size of the beast, it is difficult to tell which type of animal it is. Some think it is a huge giant squid, others speculate it is a massive whale…

Meanwhile the smell is very unpleasant in the community. Local authorities have asked the government to come and help them destroy the carcass of the animal.


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