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Unlock your iPhone 7 permanently totally free with these very simple tips

Simple Tips to iPhone 7

When you want to use your iPhone with a SIM card from your other operator, you must unlock your equipment. The unlocking is a necessity to be able to change carrier and use the phone. Many websites offer this service at very variable rates. Yet most of them do not provide a reliable service. Between scams and illegal options, it is important to avoid these malicious sites by doing the unlocking yourself or a hire professional in the field to get the job done with confidence.

Is there a way to unlock your Apple iPhone 7 permanently without hiring a professional?

unlock iPhone

The answer is yes. Unlocking IPhone permanently is simple if you know what to do. And this article will show you some safe and non invasive methods you can use to do so. In fact, in most cases, to unlock your iPhone the IMEI number ((International Mobile Equipment Identity)) is enough. The IMEI number will be displayed after entering the numeric keypad * # 06 # or after selecting the “i”.

It is important to know that the permanent unlock for iPhone is only available for some networks if you want to do it yourself. In addition, the procedure to unlock iPhone 7 permanently can be slightly longer than for other smartphones since it requires an extra step.

Here are some procedures to carry out the unlocking:

Unlock iPhone with new SIM card

If you are already in possession of your new SIM card, here are the steps to follow to finalize the unlocking:
1. Insert the new SIM card into your iPhone
2. Launch iTunes on your computer
3. Plug your iPhone into your computer (your iPhone must be turned on)
4. This should synchronize automatically. When the synchronization is complete, a message appears on your computer screen indicating that your iPhone is unlocked.

Voila! You can now use your iPhone with your new SIM card.

Unlock your iPhone with an old SIM card

If you have not yet received your new SIM card, you can still unlock your iPhone with your current SIM. For this, the procedure to follow is a little longer:

  1. Insert the SIM card you own into your iPhone
    2. Open the iTunes software on your computer
    3. Plug your iPhone into your PC or MAC (the iPhone must be turned on)
    4. Your iPhone will be recognized by iTunes, then click on the logo on your iPhone at the top left.
    5. Synchronize your iPhone
    6. Save your data by clicking Save Now.
    7. After the backup is complete, click “Restore iPhone”.
    8. After the restoration, the phone will suggest you to choose a backup. Then select your last backup to retrieve your data.

Your iPhone is now unlocked! You can test the unlocking by inserting a SIM card from another operator or by visiting specialized websites that will ask for your IMEI to verify that your phone is indeed unlocked.

Unlock iPhone without any SIM card 

If you no longer have a SIM card for your iPhone, you can still complete the unblocking process.
1. Go to Settings> iCloud> Backup and Backup Now (connect to a Wi-Fi network)
2. When the backup is complete, go to Settings> General> Reset and then Clear content and settings.
3. Wait until the data is deleted
4. When you turn on your iPhone, follow the prompts until you are prompted to restore from a backup. From there select “Restore from iCloud” and choose the last backup.
5. And then wait for the restoration to be complete.

As you can see, you don’t need to be a professional computer programmer to unlock your iPhone; all you need to do is following these procedures above.



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