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Students Have Posed Naked to Fight against Suicide, AIDS, Eating Disorders, Drought

As the year 2015 closing, many students have posed naked for causes as diverse as the fight against suicide, AIDS, eating disorders, drought, and others. The group includes Caen future doctors, veterinary apprentices of Sydney, rugby players of Oxford and Liverpool, Birmingham basketball players, as well as students of Dublin and Cardiff.

Oxford Rugby Players against Eating Disorders

The rugby players from the prestigious Oxford University for their part, chose to pose naked on one of their playgrounds, only dressed in knee socks and cleats, a sign of support to the Beat association, which fights against eating disorders. This calendar also aims to give a positive image of the body of sport women. ”

Medical Students from Caen against AIDS

Last year, Caroline Auger, in charge of public health in The University of Caen Normandy (UNICAEN), told the BBC she hoped the Student office 2015-2016 renew the initiative of the charity calendar already in place for two years. However, it was not the first attempt of Caen students. In 2014, they had launched a calendar with profits returned to the association fighting against AIDS, and they chose to help the departmental committee in the fight against cancer in 2015.

For 2016, the new office of the Corp has chosen to mobilize again to fight AIDS. “Last AIDS campaign features a ubiquitous and strangely humanized virus, which used to raise awareness to the viewers the place that society grants to AIDS today. In continuation of this, medical students are mobilizing by posing nude in different situations in which intrudes a dark silhouette recalling AIDS increasingly commoditized, say the students on SPEPSC website.

Students from Dublin against Youth Suicide

Students of University College Dublin (UCD) aim to raise 100,000 Euros to benefit the Youth Suicide Prevention Association Ireland (YSPI), which fights against suicide among youth. Their current campaign includes more than 500 students. This is a noble campaign considering Ireland has indeed the third youth suicide rate in the European Union.

Students of the Veterinary University of Sydney against Australia Drought

For over twenty years students based on the campus of the University of Sydney Veterinary have posed naked in a calendar to their composition in favor of a good cause each year. This year, their fight is against the Australia Drought effects. In 2016, sixty-five future veterinarians chose to undress in front of the lens of photographer Nicola Bodle in favor of the campaign “We’re for the Bush”, which provides support and funding to families, farmers and animals affected the current drought in Australia.



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