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10 Men’s Fashion Tips to Dress Like an Elegant Entrepreneur

10 Men’s Fashion Tips

Fashion is more than just latest or expensive clothes; it includes much more than that. There is nothing more attractive to a mature woman than a businessman wearing a well fit elegant suit. Similarly there is nothing worse than a man wearing one that is too large or/and too long for him. Men’s fashion includes a set of Dos and DON’Ts.

It is therefore necessary to able to choose the right suits, shirts, pants and shoes according to your morphology, style, and taste. For instance, a slim or small entrepreneur would do better to wearing tight suits that go along with his body. A short individual, however, will do better with short or medium outfits.

10 Men’s Fashion Tips to dress like an elegant entrepreneur

men's fashionBelow are simple and practical methods for a businessman to dress well like a real Gentleman. Style is not necessarily innate; it can be learned. Therefore you learn to adopt them if some of these tips are new to you.

1 – Choose the Right Sizes. This is the first and most important of all. Being a business you must know what sizes to wear in order to dress elegantly and create a positive impact on your clients and coworkers. Big men will have to opt for a slightly longer suit, slim fit jackets (closed at the first button), close-fitting shirts, and straight leg pants. The more muscular will look good wearing straight pants, jackets and shirts well fitted to the shoulders and arms, but with collars, cuffs and ties loosefitting.

2 – Choose the Right Colors. For color, avoid the basic black, blue, or gray that you see everywhere. Otherwise, you can find many people wearing the same clothes as you in an event. There is a variety of blue and gray colors that you can choose from; choose something that will make you distinct and unique. In summer you can even wear beige along with a leather businessman briefcase. This will not only help you avoid cluttering your pockets with your keys, phone, wallet and other things, but also make you elegant and stylish. Note that you should not choose any handbag; It must be classy.

3 – Keep It Simple. Ideally, you have to dress in a way that enhances your appearance, but you need to avoid exaggeration. For instance, do not put on bling bling jewelry, rings and rocker belts unless you are a teenager or play in a rock group. Better to consider small touches. Being simple does not mean unattractive. Determine your outfits depending of the circumstance: dinner, business meeting, wedding, etc.

men's fashion4 – But not “Too Simple”. It is better to take the risks of being slightly overdressed (dress with too much display or formality) than being messy or negligent. People will always notice someone who is slightly better dressed than everyone else. But be careful not to dress better than the host (in case you are guest in an event), or your boss in a business presentation or promotion… This is has more to do with politeness than fashion. The whole thing is to avoid being the center of attention.

5 – Beware of uniformity – If you wear rugby polo, it is better to put on trousers or causal jeans, not dressed pants. Conversely, if you are wearing a shirt, you can put on designer jeans or wool pants. Breaking uniformity is possible but it can be difficult to master on certain types of clothing styles. In addition, you need to wear colors that match. I don’t think It is important to tell you to not wear red pants and pink t shirt together.

men’s fashion6 – Buy nice shoes: If there is one thing that women or recruiters notice the most in a businessman or job seeker it is the shoes. They say that people measure the power of a person to his shoes. Therefore, instead of wearing worn or uncomfortable shoes, invest some money to buy nice shoes that will enforce your impression and professionalism. The idea here is quality, not expensiveness. In addition to quality, your shoes must be clean. Take care of them by cleaning and waxing them. A man who takes care of his business takes care of himself.

7 – Consider a Beautiful Men’s Watch – it does not have to be luxury, casual men’s watches make businessmen look great. At reasonable prices you can find magnificent watches that will improve your manhood and professional look. But avoid making your watch a jewelry to get people’s attention. For instance, wearing a scarlet golden watch in a simple business meeting can make you look ridiculous.

8 – Do not Fall for the Fashion Trends: It is not a good idea for a businessman to worry too much about the fashion trends. This will make you change your style from time and time. Everyone is unique; you need to be yourself and have a proper and stable personality. That is, do not buy and wear clothes just because they “fashionable”. Find your style, aim for elegance and dress accordingly. Elegance is timeless. You can then buy some trendy t-shirts or even suits to refresh and modernize your own style but not to change it. Understanding this concept alone can save you a lot of money and even embarrassment.

men's fashion9 – Wear Nice Perfume: When working in a company your perfume contributes to the image that you present to your colleagues and clients. Choosing a perfume for a businessman means finding a good quality fragrance which can be subtly austere or more daring, depending on the professional environment. Important is choosing a scent that goes with your personality. For instance, perfumes with sober and refined scents are suitable for dynamic men who are discreet but who tend to impress people by the way they dress. They are also ideal for businessmen with persevering and hardworking personalities, but with subtle elegance. For ambitious businessmen, however, woody perfumes are ideal. These scents make ambitious entrepreneur appear to be more mature and bold.

10- Shave or Keep your Beard well-groomed: If you choose to keep your beard, it is important to prune it. In fact it would be ironic for you to dress professionally and have a beard that looks unkempt and messy. In a professional context, facial hair growth is forbidden, at least you are in a middle east country. And for women, a beard of 3 days is the maximum tolerated. You can find plenty of straight razors for men at very low prices; do your beard yourself regularly if you don’t want to go to a hairdresser.

But remember, there is not a list of men’s fashion rules for every man; overall you need to be yourself. Too many men are still afraid to express themselves by their style. Do not be one of them. With the democratization of fashion, dressing in black or adopting a rigid dress code will soon be things of the past.

And finally, even if men have less worry about their look than women do, they should also care about their image. In short, paying attention to your style and appearance is a most.


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