10 Most Disturbing Facts You DON’T Want To Know, Seriously You Don’t 0

Sometimes it is better to ignore certain things; knowing them can disturb you greatly. Discover 10 Most disturbing facts about history, human body, foods…you DON’T want to know. 1. An

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7 Dark Facts About Coca-cola, Including the Secret Recipe 0

Coca-Cola is a sweet carbonated drink (soda) cola-type manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company. The name comes from two ingredients used in its original composition: coca leaf and kola nut. This is the most known beverage in the world. Every day,

7 Boldest Smuggling Attempts That Went Wrong 0

Drug smuggling or drug trafficking is an illegal trade of psychotropic substances regulated by the various UN Conventions (1961, 1971 and 1988). Smuggling drugs include cocaine, marijuana, and others. Historically, drug trafficking only appeared after the introduction of international legislation

Monsanto 7 Evil Facts and The Deadly GMO Effects 0

“Monsanto evil empire” is the nickname used to describe the corporation by most people in about 50 countries. For them, the company is the incarnation and plenitude of evilness; it means means greed, sickness, death, destruction of the planet. From

7 Most Evil Companies In The World 0

In this list of most evil companies, we present organizations and corporations that cause real pain and suffering in the life of countless people in different parts of the world in order to save a few thousands or make more

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