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Nudists in Sydney Go to the Rescue of a Boat in Distress 0

This week a group of nudists on a beach near Sydney rescued a sinking yacht at start of Sydney-Hobart race by swimming to help the crew members. The boat in

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Woman Severely Caned In Public in Indonesia for Being Too Close to a Man Who Is Not Her Husband 0

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia | A 20 year old woman, Nur Elita, a University Student, was severely beaten last Monday for being affectionately near a man she is not married with.

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Pope Francis Loves Music but ‘Sings like a Donkey’ 0

The Pope Loves Music but ‘Sings like a Donkey’ The pope is the head of the Catholic Church, the largest Christian organization with 1.254 billion members worldwide. Like most people,

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