Obama Just Made History, The Mainstream Media Keeps It Secret

While President Donald Trump gets attacked by the left for just about everything, the real criminals, like Barack Obama…

President in 2020

Guess Who Leads the Poll for President in 2020

Shocking new poll shows who is leading the Democrat for president in 2020 The Socialist Senator from Vermont,…

President Trump welfare

Strictest President Trump Welfare Decision to Save Taxpayers MILLIONS

President Trump Welfare Program Across the country, there have been unprecedented accounts of welfare fraud that has been costing the…

Ted Cruz Urgent Warning Message

Ted Cruz’s Urgent Warning Message to All Americans

One of the biggest complaints currently echoing from the walls of the Oval Office right now concerns the “do-nothing”…

John Kelly

John Kelly Teaches The Mainstream Media His Role in the White House

The mainstream press has developed some incredibly bad habits ever since President Donald Trump took office. Chief among them is…

Giants Player Peeing on Trump

Giants Player Peeing on Trump, Now Crying after a Brutal Surprise

The Giants Player Who Was Laughing While ‘Peeing on Trump’ is Now Crying Last week, New…

Nancy Pelosi Caught lies on CNN

Nancy Pelosi Caught Lying on CNN about Gun Control, She Learns a Brutal Lesson


Michelle Obama message for white men

Michelle Obama Just Emerged From Hiding with a SICK Message for Every “White Man”

Michelle Obama Just Emerged From Hiding and Into Politics…

Trump Just Did For Las Vegas Police Department

Look What Trump Just Did For Las Vegas Police Department

Following America’s largest mass shooting in history, people continue to come together to help those in need while law…

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Protests Now Going On at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery

The flat-out disrespect intended by the ignorant masses of wanna-be protesters who have begun kneeling during times of Patriotic…