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Power BI

Power BI, The Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Cloud Solution

Why You Need Power BI? Microsoft Power BI is a suite of Business Intelligence analytics tools that enable…

Weapon of Mass Destruction

Weapon of Mass Destruction Found At NC International Airport

Air traffic controller arrested for weapon of mass destruction

The White House

The White House Is On Lockdown Due to ‘Suspicious Activity

White House Is on Lockdown During the Obama presidency, the media loved to remind us that our nation’s…

Smart Foods 4 Schools

This Frozen Food Can KILL Your Family, 1 MILLION LBs Recalled

1 MILLION LBs of This American’s Favorite Frozen Food Just Recalled We all do our best to feed…

UN Funding

Trump Gives UN Funding to Faith Based Orgs to Help Persecuted Christians

Trump Pulls UN Funding to Give It to Faith-Based Orgs To Help Persecuted Christians In a speech Wednesday…

Trump Replace Food Stamps

Trump Replace Food Stamps of 1.5 MILLION People with This

The latest statistics on food stamp enrollment have been released, and they are a major blow to former President…


Obama Just Made History, The Mainstream Media Keeps It Secret

While President Donald Trump gets attacked by the left for just about everything, the real criminals, like Barack Obama…

President in 2020

Guess Who Leads the Poll for President in 2020

Shocking new poll shows who is leading the Democrat for president in 2020 The Socialist Senator from Vermont,…

People Got Shot

19 People Got Shot Overnight Across The US, All Had This In Common

19 People Shot in Major Cities of the Country

President Trump welfare

Strictest President Trump Welfare Decision to Save Taxpayers MILLIONS

President Trump Welfare Program Across the country, there have been unprecedented accounts of welfare fraud that has been costing the…