8 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Animals

  1. Did you know all Pandas are owned by Chinese. They rent them out to zoos for $1 million/year each with a minimum of 10 years contract?
  2. Did you know a newborn kangaroo is about 1 inch in length, small enough to fit in a spoon?
  3. Did you know the arteries of Blue whales are so big that you could swim through them?
  4. Did you know a rat can live longer without water than a camel?
  5. Did you know chocolate is so poisonous to dog’s heart and nervous system that a few ounces are enough to kill a small sized dog?
  6. Did you know if you put a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will
    instantly go mad and sting itself to death?
  7. Did you know Bats always turn left when exiting a cave?
  8. Did you know in Moscow, Russia, stray dogs have learned to commute from the suburbs to the city, scavenging for food, and the catch a train home in the evening?

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