About us

About Us

The main reason for creating Booboone is to inform the public of world news, educate readers like you on all areas of life, and help them have fun every day by learning about the best topics on the web with a single. But who are we exactly?

We are a small team of writers who have decided to put in common their skills and talents in the blogging industry. Booboone was born in Florida in 2015 by people from different professional sectors with the aim of creating an information site for people who are interested in information, education, and latest news from around the world. In short, Booboone is a global media site publishing articles on a variety of topics including Politics, DIY, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Mystery & history, Animals, and more…

We are always looking for new talents that can seduce our readers through their writings or videos. Do you have a list, news or information to suggest? Feel free to use the Submit form to send it to us email us via our contact page! We are currently in full progress; your contribution is highly expected.