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Corn Gluten Meal 



Gluten is an insoluble substance, obtained or derived from grains such as corn (maize), wheat or rye, to a lesser extent, barley. It is a by-product of starch obtained from the processing of cereals, mainly maize. It is usually obtained by separation of total milk protein and starch slurry from the grains.


Corn gluten is an animal food used mainly to feed cattle, poultry, other livestock as well as fish and dogs. Corn gluten meal is also used as weedkillers (herbicides) by farmers in certain parts of the world to kill unwanted plants or herbs


According to U.S. Grains Council, “Every year, more than $740 million worth of corn gluten feed/corn gluten meal is exported by the USA. The European Union dominates the destinations, encompassing nearly half of total exports. Ireland (18%) was the top user of international corn gluten, followed by the United Kingdom and the Netherlands (each at 11%). Israel was close behind at 10% with Egypt completing the top five at 8%.” 


We supply Corn gluten meal not only from the US but also from different country producers at low prices. Please, contact us for our latest prices. To receive an accurate quote please, send us your request – by clicking on Request a Quote.



Basic Specifications include:  




Yellow or light yellow powder 














50 kg woven plastic bag or paper plastic ba 



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