10 Viagra Health Benefits I Bet You Do Not Know

10 Health Benefits of Viagra

Viagra is popularly known as a sex enhancing drug that is very effective in treatment against Erectile Dysfunction in men. One thing that’s not really known about Viagra is the fact that there are 9 other health benefits of taking it apart from helping treat against erectile dysfunction.

Viagra Here are 10 health benefits of Viagra

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

This one of the most popular and common health benefits you’ll get from using Viagra which is why I decided to use it as my first point for this article. When a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is due to the fact that enough blood wouldn’t be flowing to the penis. So, Viagra helps with increasing blood flow to the penis which will help against Erectile Dysfunction.

  1. Prevents and cures Stroke

This is a study that began in Detroit where over 80 patients were being administered with Viagra to observe how it may help them with regaining and improving movement. This study emanated from the fact that Viagra has an effect on the cGMP molecule in the brain that is responsible for the formation of new brain cells. Before being tried out on humans, the drug was first administered to animals suffering from the same condition and impressive results were achieved.

  1. Prevention against intrauterine growth restriction

One other proven health benefit of Viagra is its help in the prevention and treatment of intrauterine growth restriction, a condition in which the fetus in a mother’s womb would be way smaller than expected throughout a certain period in pregnancy. Although the condition is not prominent, it is nevertheless estimated that around 5% of children born worldwide are affected by such a condition.

  1. Prevention and treatment against Multiple sclerosis

In young adults, Multiple Sclerosis is referred to as one of the most damaging conditions that can affect a person’s nervous system in very damaging ways. This damage will go ahead to affect the way information is transmitted between your brain and various body parts. When Viagra is taken, it increases the formation of grey matter in the brain which will go a long way in preventing against neurodegeneration.

  1. Improves your memory and learning

Several studies have proven that consuming Viagra can boost your memory and improve your ability to learn. One thing that’s not clear though is exactly how this happens. But according to researchers from American Institute of Health Research, Viagra increases the flow of blood to the brain which directly improves glucose processing in the brain thus the higher memory and learning rate.

  1. Treatment and Prevention against Raynold’s Phenomenon

Reynold’s Phenomenon is a common chronic condition that result when blood flow to the fingers is interrupted causing the formation of a gangrene. A researcher, Dr Jack Lichtenstein did a test to find out if Viagra would both either cure or prevent against Raynold’s Phenomenon and the result that came out was a complete disappearance of symptoms in affected patients.

  1. Prevents Heart Failure

Viagra increases blood flow in the body which also results in an increased oxygen uptake, and reduced pressure in the arteries. This means that patients who take Viagra have an improved ability to exercise by increasing the levels of Nitric Oxide in the body, which reduces the risk of heart attack.

  1. Pain Relief

This is one other health benefit of Viagra although it’s not yet clearly known how this happens. Viagra has been proven to be a perfect pain relief medication in both humans and animals something that can be attributed to its ability to increase the blood’s flow rate.

  1. Treatment for Diabetes

Viagra improves blood flow which makes it easy for the body to both regulate and control the glucose levels in the body. It’s also known to break down some common compounds associated with the development of type-2 diabetes.

  1. Infertility in Women

Most women who can’t conceive can’t do so because of an ultra-thin uterine lining. This thinness means that the womb won’t be able to conceive and protect a fetus. Nevertheless, by taking in Viagra, the blood vessels along the lining of the Uterus will dilate promoting the growth and thickening of the uterus lining.

Well, these are some common health benefits and conditions that can be cured by Viagra. If there are any more you know of, kindly feel free to share with us.


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