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25 car accident causes that kill over 1 million people each year

Top 25 car accident causes around the world

Vehicles become an indispensable mean of transportation; most of us use them almost on a daily basis. But along with the advantages come disadvantages, accidents. Getting involved in a car is part of the risks inherent in driving. We are never too well informed or careful to avoid them at 100%.

In this article, you will discover the list of most frequent car accident causes on North American roads and simple tips to avoid them. Knowledge is power. By knowing these factors, hopefully, you will be able to avoid them better.

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Here are the top 25 car accident causes worldwide

  1. Women

This is the first but the most ridiculous cause of car accidents. Last April a young woman caused a head-on crash between a motorcycle and a car by distracting the drivers with a sexually provocative twerking. To avoid the same tragic incident happens to you remain focus when you are driving.

  1. Being distracted at the wheel

Calling, texting, eating or drinking coffee while driving is gambling with your life, and unfortunately, other people’s life. This is the number one cause of road accidents. The distraction can come from different sources, but regardless it is not worth it to risk your life for it.

     3. Drive too fast

Driving at speeds exceeding speed limits greatly increases the risk of car accident. Obviously, the higher you are speeding the lower the possibility you have to react accordingly and promptly to prevent a collision or crash.

  1. Drinking and driving

No need to even talk about drunk driving as one of the top causes of deadly road accidents. Fourth on our list, alcohol causes fatal accidents every day. The sad part is the fact sometimes innocents that don’t even drink also fall victim.

  1. Careless Conduct

There is nothing cool about driving like crazy. This is one of the most common causes of traffic collision among young people. Some driving misconducts, include changing lanes too fast, aggressively cutting off another car or simply driving without being aware that there are other motorists and pedestrians around us, cause 1000s of deadly car accident every year.

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6. Driving in the rain

According to many studies, rain increases the risk of accidents by up to 50%. Yet, a great majority of drivers underestimate this cause by overestimate their tires or counting on their ability to maneuver. When it is raining it requires drivers to exercise caution. Handling, braking distance, acceleration are directly affected.

  1. Running a red light/stop sign

Regardless you are in an emergency or not, taking red light or stop sign is strictly prohibited by law. You cannot put people’s life in danger just because you have an exigency. This is an important cause of car accidents, which is often fatal.

    8. Driving Young

Age brings wisdom, they say. Most young drivers superficially know the rudiments of driving; they sometimes drive roughly, not minding of other vehicles on the road and driving in general crazily.

9. Night driving

Our eyesight and reflexes diminish considerably at night. The risk of accidents is doubled. The risk is even higher for old people and individuals with eye problems.

  1. Manufacturing defects

There is no doubt that no vehicle is perfect; even the most reliable manufacturer can fail some basic standards sometimes. For instance, Toyota, which is known worldwide as a great vehicle manufacturer, had some models that had acceleration issues which caused many deaths in 1990. Ford also had manufacturing defects in the past.

  1. Change of lane

Unsafe lane changes are among the top causes of auto accidents. To avoid an accident when changing lanes, you need to use the direction indicator at all times and double check the blind spots. Make sure there are no vehicles next to you or coming towards you. Also signal other drives and drive in the middle of two lanes for a while before you completely move the other lane.

  1. Drive in reverse direction

Driving in reverse direction can lead to frontal collision. This type of crash is not only costly but often deadly. Constantly checking traffic signs is not an option.

   13. Improper turning

Making an inappropriate turn can cost you your life. To prevent this, take the habit to stop at traffic lights and stop signs, look both ways before making a turn. These steps are simple to take but they are sure ways to prevent crashes during turns.

  1. Tailgating

It is very dangerous to follow too closely another vehicle where the distance between the two vehicles does not guarantee safe stopping to avoid collision. Yet few drivers follow this simple safety rule by keeping a good distance between their vehicles and the others. It is estimated that more than 30 % of collisions are the result of a rear-end collision.

15. Drug influence

Driving under the influence of drugs can lead to almost the same results, fatal car accidents. Medical drug or not, it can impair your judgment, alertness, concentration or motor skills. Whether legal or not, drugs can weaken your driving abilities and lead to road accidents.

16. Black Ice

Also called Clear Ice, black ice is a transparent coating of ice, found especially on a road of countries where it is cold.  Depending on where you live, you may never experience this problem. But in certain countries and states in the world, black ice kills motorists and pedestrians every year.

  1. Snow

In the same way as rainfall, but more dangerous, snow causes 1000s of victims of road accidents every year. It makes roads wet and slippery, leading to collisions and crashes. You have less control over your vehicle when it’s snowy. To prevent car accident, drive more safely.

  1. Road Rage

Of all the causes of accidents, road rage is the most easily avoided, yet it happens almost every day. If you don’t believe go on YouTube and search for car accident complication. You will be shocked to see how motorists fight for any meaningless thing.

  1. Potholes

By definition, a pothole is a deep natural underground cavity formed by the erosion of rock, especially by the action of water. Every year potholes cause accidents ranging from mild to severe.

20. Drowsy Driving

Falling asleep at the wheel is very dangerous. It was responsible for 72,000 crashes, 44,000 injuries, and 800 deaths in 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This problem is not only common in the United States but all over the world.

Last year in the Ukraine, 3 people lost their lives in a head-on crash after the driver fell asleep at the wheel and slammed head on into another vehicle.

  1. Tire bursting

You cannot always prevent your tire from bursting, but you can reduce the damages. The best thing to do when a tire bursts is to keep control of the vehicle and stop on the verge of the road as quickly as possible. Do not panic; this can worsen the situation.

  1. FogCar Accident

If you live or often drive in an area where it is foggy, the best thing to do is to equip your vehicle with fog lights. Being very bright, they are ideal to be used in foggy conditions to improve road visibility or warn other drivers of your presence.

  1. Dangerous curves

Dangerous curves exist all over the world. Signaling is there to indicate them; it is to you the driver to read the panels and follow the indications. To avoid cornering accidents, follow the speed limits and stay focused on the road.

24. Animals on the road

It is good to protect animals; they do not know the road regulations. But this can lead to a car accident which can cost you your life. That happens sometimes one wants to avoid an animal and ends up in accident. In the case of wild animals, they cause accidents which can be fatal. Protect them but protect your life first.

  1. Street Racing

Street racing is a common practice among teenagers. They can do it for fun or intrepid races. Unfortunately, many young motorists lose their lives as a result of this.

Although this list is far from being complete, they are the top most common causes of car accident. It is important to note that they are not in any order. For instance, statistics has shown that number 4 is the leading cause of accidents.


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