Bad Credit Car Loans

10 Bad Credit Car Loans Lenders for People with Poor Credit

10 Best Lenders for Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad credit car loans are like regular auto loans but with some adjustments based on the borrower’s credit score. Generally, the main adjustment between bad credit and good credit auto loans is the interest rate. The lenders charge higher rates given the risk they are taken.

The lower your credit score decreases, the higher lenders tend to increase their interest rate on you when you are trying to get a bad credit car loan. It is simple as that.

Credit scores are used as signals or the probability of a borrower making their payments on time. Since it is a risk to lenders to lend people with bad credit money, it makes sense to them to charge more so as to cover the risk of nonpayment.

Very few people have great credit. If bank or financial intuition would grant loans only to individuals with excellent credit they would be out of business already.  The question is what do you do if you have a bad credit and need a car loan? Here we show you a list of 10 lenders that will lend you money to buy a car if your FICO is low. 

Top 10 Bad Credit Car Loans Lenders in the US 

  1. AUTO CREDIT EXPRESS does not grant loans but it links you directly with prospective lender or car dealer that accepts bad credit within your area. Having decided on the dealer that suits you, it then behooves on you to find a car within your budget. There is no limitation for the credit score required; decision is taken on individual basis. However, the lenders expect a monthly gross income either from a full-time job or fixed earning. For example, social security system is a requirement for Auto Credit Express. They often have special programs; feel free to visit them if you are on the market for bad credit car loans.

  1. employs the use of information provided to do a match making between applicants and the prospective lenders in its database based on factors like the type of car intended for purchase, credit score and geographical location. Another interesting feature is the fact applicants can use the company’s interest rate estimator to calculate the potential rates they will pay.

You must be living within one of 48 states for your application to be approved. Specifically, those in Alaska and Hawaii must have at least a monthly income of 1,800 with no case of bankruptcy. Also, the car open for purchase cannot have more than 100,000 miles on it or/and not more than eight years depreciation.


With Six convenient payment options, should be one of your references if you are looking for bad credit car loans.  They provide loans for financing and refinancing of different types of vehicles. The company receives the online application and automatically forwards it to the most convenient car dealer for your situation that accepts bad credit, within 30 seconds the decision is taken. Usually, the decision received has further details about the do’s and don’ts which allows applicants to accept or reject, and look for a better offer from another bad credit lender.

  1. Bad Credit Car Loans

When dealing with, interest rate depends on your credit score and the amount of money you are looking to borrow.  You have the opportunity to receive between $5,000 and $100,000, and repay over a period of up 84 months. In addition, you have a chance to qualify for no down payment before being able to get the car and, there is no requirement for payment in case of damages. In addition to bad credit car loans, you can apply for loans for practically anything: personal, home improvement, and the list goes on. 


Without any form of restriction, anyone who intends to apply for car loan is always welcome on With up to 72 months repayment term, you can borrow without limits based on the type of the car you want and your earnings.

Depending on when you apply, your response arrives in less than 1 hour. If you apply during business hour, within 30 minutes you can know if you qualify or not. In case your application is denied the company can extra information by telling you the reasons behind their decision.

Also, the company can promote your loan amount through an insurance protection. Feel free to require more information on this program.


For people who do not have a stable credit, offers loans from $small to huge amounts. When the application is made online, a response can be given within 60 seconds. There is room for existing car to be refinanced even at a lower interest rate. The following information is to be submitted; full name, address, and income details on the car you intend to purchase or refinance.

  1. Capital One

With Capital One, you have the opportunity to search and locate over 12,000 dealers for a car coupled with lenders that offer bad credit car loans with good interest rates. However, there is a prequalification which requires that you purchase a car 10 years newer. To eventually qualify for a loan from capital one, applicants are required to make a minimum of 1,500 or 1,800 monthly based income.

  1. blueskyautofinance.comBad Credit Car Loans

Rated one of the most distinguished lenders in the country; from the beginning to the end of the application, provides you with an easy to use system, and more importantly, free consultant to help ensure that you enjoy a speedy response to your application.

Also, there is no pressure; you are allowed to consider multiple dealers before you eventually decide to settle with one while there is 100% protection. However, you have to prove your credit history, providing bank account statements and your credit score. You need at least a 550 credit score to receive an unrestricted loan. Your interest rates will depend on these.

  1. LendingTree

If you want to apply on for an auto loan the first obligation is knowing your credit score. Once this is verified, you can then begin a search for all bad credit car loans available on their database. This allows you to compare 10s of possibilities, and thus save you time from searching endlessly on multiple websites. Lending Tree provides you with a quick form to fill out which can take you about one minute. Once you submit the application you would be informed immediately of the decision taken, either approval or rejection of your application.

  1. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is amongst the largest providers of car loans for people with bad credit. But be careful their various options can make you search endlessly with confusion. You can get approval for new cars, as well as used ones. The bank can even recommend you to private sellers in case they approve your application. In another advantage with dealing with Wells Fargo is the fact it has 6,200 offices nationwide which allows you to walk into any branch near you and apply in person instead of online.

Remember, the best option is to have good credit. Thus, you need to avoid anything that can damage it:

poor financial decision, unexpected loss of employment, open too many credits, late creditcard or loan payments, bouncing checks, closing credit card accounts, and others. But in case you have already messed up credit score, refer to any of these bad credit car loans above to help you.



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