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The White House

The White House Is On Lockdown Due to ‘Suspicious Activity

White House Is on Lockdown During the Obama presidency, the media loved to remind us that our nation’s…

President Trump welfare

Strictest President Trump Welfare Decision to Save Taxpayers MILLIONS

President Trump Welfare Program Across the country, there have been unprecedented accounts of welfare fraud that has been costing the…

Ted Cruz Urgent Warning Message

Ted Cruz’s Urgent Warning Message to All Americans

One of the biggest complaints currently echoing from the walls of the Oval Office right now concerns the “do-nothing”…

Harvey Weinstein Held Birthday Party for Hillary

Harvey Weinstein Held Birthday Party for Hillary and Did This Sick Thing

Disgraced Hollywood pervert Harvey Weinstein once held a birthday party and fundraiser for twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. At…

Stephen Paddock's Room

You Won’t Believe what Authorities Discovered In Paddock’s Room

Authorities Just Discovered Something In Paddock’s Room That Could Change Everything It’s been almost a week since Stephen Paddock…

Girlfriend of the Las Vegas Shooter

The Girlfriend of the Las Vegas Shooter Returned To U S with A SICK Secret

Girlfriend of the Las Vegas Shooter Tells a secret… United States law enforcement has been waiting, rather impatiently, for the…

These Celebrities Do Not Care about the Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting

Why These Celebrities Do Not Care about the Las Vegas Shooting?

Ethan Westbrooks

Ethan Westbrooks, NFL Player Who Takes a Knee during the National Anthem, Is Arrested

There has been a lot of debate over the NFL players who have been taking a knee during the…

sasha and Malia obama

Why Obama and Michelle Kept Their Daughter’s Real Name Secret for 8 Years?

The real Name of Sasha and Malia Obama The world has known Barack and Michelle Obama’s youngest daughter…

Kneeling NFL Players

Kneeling NFL Players Could Be In Trouble Effective Immediately After New Rule Comes Out

Over the weekend, entitled, arrogant NFL players took their disrespectful protest to a whole new level when entire teams…