Worst things Dentist finds in patient mouth

7 Worst Things Dentists Find In Patients Mouth

It is shown that human mouth has more bacteria than 700 bacterial species or phylotypes, of which the smelliest bacterium in human body. This makes it easy for the oral cavity to be a smelly body part without proper care. But some people have their own way of taking care of their mouth, which shocks their dentists. Discover 7 worst things dentists find in the mouth of their patients.

fly in patient mouth7 -A Fly In The Mouth
This is undoubtedly the strangest and most disgusting thing ever found in a mouth of a patient, said a dentist in the survey. A practitioner has indeed claimed to have found a fly in the mouth of one of his patients.

When consider how disturbing it is for a fly to even lands on a food we’re eating, it is worth wondering how someone can walk around with a fly in his mouth, and worst go see a dentist with it.
Dentist finds Glue in patient mouth 6 – Super Glue
Fear of going to the dentist cause people to do ridiculous things. A British woman, Angie Barlow, admitted having stuck his broken tooth in its original place with Super Glue®. She self-treated her tooth this way for more than 10 years.

Unfortunately, the glue has caused bone loss, and the patient has lost nearly 90% of the bone supporting the tooth. Dentists had to remove almost all her teeth, inserting metal titanium rods to be able to implant false teeth and restore her smile.

Dentist finds wet paper in patient mouth 5 – Wet Paper to Plug the Holes
A dentist reported he found lots of wet papers in the mouth of a patient. According to the article, the patient said he used these fabric scraps to fill a hole, like an improvised dental prosthesis.

“This patient said proudly he changed paper every week,” said the dentist. Fortunately for this patient, he did not cause any damage to his mouth, unlike the previous case above.

Dentist finds wet Candy Wrapper in patient mouth 4 – Candy Wrappers
One of the dentists reported to have found several candy wrappers between the teeth of one of his patients. This patient did not perhaps know the need to remove the paper candy before putting them in his mouth…

The candy wrappers were not used as therapeutic procedure; this is a case of negligence or poor hygiene.

Dentist finds sprouting tomato Wrapper in patient mouth 3 – A Sprouting Tomato Seed
A dentist found a denture in the mouth of one of his patients that hadn’t been removed or cleaned in years. It is covered with lot of black and white mold growing in it. “It was a real health hazard,” the dentist said.

Further examination shocked the dentist with a finding that goes beyond negligence or poor hygiene: he found a sprouting tomato seed in the denture.

dentist fnd hair in patient mouth2 – Hair
Black hair were found in the mouth of a patient, reports the survey Clinic Compare. It is not clear if it is pubic hair or head hair, but regardless that patient is unaware how his mouth can become unpleasant.

“If many people pay attention to change their toothbrush regularly, there are a surprising number of people who do not care about keeping the same one from one year to another, “notes Dr. Bradstock-Smith.

Clearly, “These people are completely unaware how their mouths became unpleasant, and which task it is for the dentist to have to consider”, stated the same dentist.

Dentist finds maggots in patient mouth1 – 15 MAGGOTS from Inside Little Girl’s Gum  
A little Brazilian girl named Ana Cardoso, 10, had been taken to a clinic in Brasilia (Brazil’s capital) after complaining she is experiencing prickling and stinging sensation in her gums.

Although she didn’t have any serious pain, she had been complaining of a weird sensation as if something is moving around in her mouth. The mother did not believe her; “at first I thought she was joking”, the mom said.

But upon arrival in the clinic, a dentist examined the mouth of the girl, which reveals swollen gums. Further investigation stunned the dentist; little Ana had more than a dozen maggots living inside her mouth. She suffered from a condition called oral myiasis










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