7 Things Essential To Know About Sleep

Sleeping is essential to our life; no one can survive without sleep. But there some essential facts about sleeping that few people. Discover, 7 Things Essential to Know About Sleep.


Men dream of men about 70% of time, while women dream of men and women equally.


When dreaming we only see faces that we already know, whether we remember them actively or not.


12% of people dream exclusively in black and white. Therefore, the myth which says that black and white dreams are premonitory is false.


5 minutes after waking, we have already forgotten 50% of our dreams. 10 minutes later, it reaches 90%.

The position in which we sleep says a lot about our personality:
1) Fetal position: openness;
2) Laying straight, on the back: socially flourished;
3) Starfish position: attentive and good listener.


When dolphins sleeping, only half of their brain is at rest; the other part remains awake to regulate breathing.


You can die from lack of sleep before dying from lack of food; it takes 2 weeks to starve and only 10 days to die from total sleep deprivation.


I am who am in order to not become what people want me to be. But as all Adam's sons, i breath, eat and drink to stay alive. Who you think i am?

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